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Dallas guitar lessons

Guitar Lessons Dallas

When you come to our Dallas guitar school, you'll have the best quality lessons available! Our music lessons are located in northeast Dallas near White Rock Lake, and we have warm and friendly teachers.

Our private lesson guitar teachers have music degrees from prestigious programs or extensive performance experience and love sharing their instrument with others. You'll find that our team of professional musicians share a passion and enthusiasm for music education. 

Our guitar instructors teach rock, blues, metal, country and classical styles on both electric and acoustic guitars. Beginners work on chords, simple strums, songs and melodies, sight reading and theory.

Guitar lessons will challenge you with new technique or music theory, along with something fun – such as your favorite riff or song. A variety of guitar instructional methods may be used, based on student needs and preferences. 

What's the #1 reason to study guitar at the academy? 

Our guitar instructors are warm and friendly, and get to know each student on a personal level so we can really understand your goals. We work with you to craft a lesson plan that fits your individual needs and favorite type of music. Whether you're playing guitar in local bands, a ten year old taking their first guitar lesson, or an adult returning to the guitar after many years, we’ll set goals with you so you can achieve your musical dreams!

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what will i learn in my guitar lessons

Our guitar teachers balance musicianship and fun! They make sure that lessons present a new technical challenge or theory concept, but also includes fun things like a favorite riff or song. 

Beginning students can expect to work on chords, simple strums, and basic elements such as rhythm and harmony in their guitar lessons. Guitar lessons for intermediate and advanced students focus on mastering and incorporating skills while learning to play the songs you love. Our music lessons are the most comprehensive in Dallas and include theory, ear training, sight reading, technique, and music history.

do i need an instrument?

Yes. For practice at home between lessons you will need a guitar. We teach both acoustic and electric guitar lessons. If you aren't sure which one you'd like to try, you are welcome to borrow one of ours at your first lesson so you can try both! Your teacher will also be able to give you more information about the different types of guitars and answer all your questions to help you make an informed decision based on what you'd like to do musically! We also provide lessons on bass and ukulele! 

how old do guitar students need to be? 

We recommend that children interested in guitar lessons wait until they are 7 years old to begin. This is because most students are physically ready to begin guitar at some point between 7 and 10 years of age. We encourage students who are 7 years old to come in for a trial lesson and let our knowledgeable teachers advise on their readiness. We also offer ukulele lessons which are enjoyed by many children! 

We offer adult guitar lessons too! You are never too old to learn, and we have many adult students! We welcome beginner adult guitar students as well as students who are returning to guitar after many years away! 

other music instrument lessons at dallas piano academy

We teach other instrument lessons at Dallas Piano Academy in addition to Dallas guitar lessons! We are committed to helping you with all your musical education needs so you can always find "guitar lessons near me", as well as other most popular instruments. We also teach:

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more reasons why you choose dallas piano academy for guitar lessons 

Convenient Lesson Times

Dallas Piano Academy offers a wide range of music lesson times and we enroll students year round. Because our students are here on a month to month basis, there are no long term contracts! 

Experience You Can Trust

We are proud to be a 5 star Google business! Our full time mission is providing music lessons, and we are honored to be trusted by scores of families in our area for music instruction. Dallas Piano Academy has a wonderful faculty of guitar teachers and we are confident that we have the right teacher to meet your music lesson needs! 

Fantastic Guitar Performance Opportunities

Believing that performing is an important skill for any musician, our guitar students have the opportunity to perform in optional recitals and special events throughout the year. Equally important is that we love to honor achievement and success! Kid and teen guitar students may participate in an awards program to provide motivation and acknowledgement of their musical accomplishments, and it is all included in your tuition at no extra cost!

Our Students are Our #1 Priority

Dallas Piano Academy is also a proud member of The Family Safety Plan. Because safety is one of our top priorities, We have taken the pledge to do all that we can to protect our students and employees. Dallas Piano Academy goes the extra mile with extensive background checks, security measures including cameras and an open door policy, and consider these measures imperative to preserve the safety and integrity of our academy.

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Sign up is easy and parent-friendly, and we are ready to serve you. Because we only offer lessons on a month-to-month basis, there are no large upfront payments, no complicated contracts, no start-up materials, no performance fees, and no semester minimums.

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$40.00 / 30 minutes

Lessons are available five days a week, and scheduled once a week. A registration fee is due annually.