Online Piano Lessons available!

While you're stuck at home, online music lessons are a safe social distancing activity for kids and adults! ZOOM into our music school for your lesson from the safety and comfort of your home!

Online piano lessons are an easy way to bring some fun and learning into your life! 

These helpful resources will be of use to all students and their families!

Skittles Practice Challenge - Practice Alternatives

Going to be out of town and won't have a piano available for practice? Here are some alternatives to do in lieu of practice that day:

DSO Kids Composer Biographies - Choose a composer and read their biography, then listen to one of their compositions (your choice of song!) on youtube. 

DSO Learn and Listen - Watch one of these videos to learn about the symphony

DSO Instruments - Choose a family of instruments and read about each of the instruments in that "family."

Instrument Repair and Service

Piano Tuning - Bob Speir (972)272-1700, website:

Piano Tuning - Dr. Andrew Daniel, (903)466-6024,, website:

Flute Purchase and Servicing -  Carolyn Nussbaum (972) 985-2662

Flute Repairs (student models) - Williamson Music (972) 633-8203

Piano Moving - Martin's Piano Moving, (972)636-9464 or (214)957-4537

Instrument Purchase

Digital Pianos - (602) 571-1864 Website:

Flutes - Carolyn Nussbaum (972) 985-2662

Free Pianos -

Other Teachers

Teachers affiliated with Lisa Emmick, offering lessons in piano, flute and guitar.

Sheet Music to Purchase

Sheet Music Plus

(This is an affiliate link - which means if you make a purchase I will make a small commission from them, at no additional cost to you.)

Free Sheet Music


Flute Music Click on “Books & Collections” then “Hymnal”. Select “Tune Name” from the right side navigation bar. Click on the “Music” tab on the left side. Use the search box or click “All” to see a complete listing of titles.

Composer Info

The Dallas Library has lots of wonderful books, at all different levels, about composers!

DSO Kids

Practice Help

Tips for Success

Contact Emmick Music Studio

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Lessons are available seven days a week, and scheduled once a week. A registration fee is due annually.