Theater Club

2020-2021 musical...

to be announced! stay tuned! 


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2019-20 Musical: BYE BYE BIRDIE!

2019-20 FBA Theater Club - Bye Bye Birdie

broadway cast recordings

GROUP SONGS: Spend a lot of time listening to these tracks of the original Broadway cast so that you know how all the vocal parts work together! 

  • Telephone Hour
  • Healthy Normal American Boy
  • Lotta Livin To Do

    Solo Songs:

  • Rosie: English Teacher
  • Albert: Put on a Happy Face
  • Kim: One Boy
  • Conrad: Honestly Sincere
  • Conrad: One Last Kiss
  • Mr. and Mrs. MacAfee: Kids
  • Albert & Rosie: Rosie
  • Kids Reprise

    piano accompaniment tracks:

    At the end of each video, the piano plays the individual notes you sing. A great way to learn the notes well! 

  • Telephone Hour- piano accompaniment track
  • How Lovely to be a Woman - piano accompaniment
  • Happy Face - piano accompaniment track
  • Healthy Normal American Boy - piano accompaniment track
  • One Boy Piano Accompaniment
  • Honestly Sincere - piano accompaniment track
  • One Last Kiss - piano accompaniment track
  • What did I ever see in Him?- piano accompaniment track

  • Kids - piano accompaniment track
  • Ice House Livin - piano accompaniment track
  • Rosie - piano accompaniment track

  • Links to all piano tracks for the Musical

    2018-19 Musical: WIZARD OF OZ!

    BRAVO! You were wonderful!

    2018-19 FBA Theater Club - Wizard of Oz

    2017-18 Year in Review and Peter Pan Slide Show!

    (Click thru to watch on Youtube.)

    2017-18 FBA Theater Club - Peter Pan


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