Theater Club

Our 2020-2021 musical...high school musical!

Choreography Videos

Audition Song

What I've Been Looking For (Ryan/Sharpay)

We're all in this together

Wildcat Cheer

Start of Something New

We're All In This Together (1st time - Brains and Jocks only)

Start of Something New 

video clips of all songs from the movie

HSM Music Numbers in the Movie

music to help you learn the lyrics

Ms. Darbus, Students
Audition Song

Troy, Chad, Zeke, All Jocks, Sharpay, plus more! (Everyone learn it!)
Wildcat Cheer (note: one of Zeke's lines is missing?!) - Page 1

Troy, Gabriella, Party Kids (everyone learn it!)
Start of Something New (Page 3)
Watch it in the movie here (movie version of song is A LOT longer): Start of Something New Movie Clip

Get Your Head in the Game (Page 10)
Watch it in the movie here Get Your Head in the Game Movie Clip

Ryan, Sharpay
What I've Been Looking For (Page 23)
Watch it in the movie here: What I've Been Looking (Ryan & Sharpay) For Movie Clip

Troy, Gabriella, Kelsi
What I've Been Looking For Reprise (Page 27)
Watch it in the Movie Here: What I've Been Looking For (Troy & Gabriella) Movie Clip

Everyone Learn!
Stick to the Status Quo (Page 30)
Watch it in the Movie Here: Status Quo Movie Clip

Troy, Gabriella, All Brainiacs, All Jocks
Counting On You (Page 40)
Inspiration from the movie here: HSM Betrayal Scene

Troy, Gabriella
When There Was Me and You (Page 45)
Watch it in the movie (only Gabriella sings it in the movie): When There Was Me and You Movie Clip

Taylor, Chad, Zeke, Martha, Kelsi, All Brainiacs, All Jocks
We're All in this Together - Jocks and Brainiacs (Page 50)

Ryan, Sharpay PLUS Moderator, Taylor, Jack Scott, Coach Bolton
Bop to the Top (Page 53)
Watch it in the movie here: Bop to the Top Movie Clip

Breaking Free (Page 59)
Watch it in the movie Breaking Free Movie Clip

Troy, Gabriella, Ryan, Sharpay, PLUS ALL CAST AND CREW
We're all in this together REPRISE (Page 65)
Watch it in the movie here: We're all in this together Movie Clip!

Can you sing it without the guide vocals? 

Audition Song (Ms. Darbus, Students)

What I've Been Looking For (Ryan, Sharpay)

What I've Been Looking For Reprise (Troy, Gabriella, Kelsi)

Stick to the Status Quo

Counting On you

When There Was Me and You

We're All in this Together (Jocks and Brainiacs)

Bop to the Top

Breaking Free

We're All in this together REPRISE


Contact Mrs. Emmick at instagram @fbatheater

2019-20 Musical: BYE BYE BIRDIE!

2019-20 FBA Theater Club - Bye Bye Birdie

broadway cast recordings

GROUP SONGS: Spend a lot of time listening to these tracks of the original Broadway cast so that you know how all the vocal parts work together! 

  • Telephone Hour
  • Healthy Normal American Boy
  • Lotta Livin To Do

    Solo Songs:

  • Rosie: English Teacher
  • Albert: Put on a Happy Face
  • Kim: One Boy
  • Conrad: Honestly Sincere
  • Conrad: One Last Kiss
  • Mr. and Mrs. MacAfee: Kids
  • Albert & Rosie: Rosie
  • Kids Reprise

    piano accompaniment tracks:

    At the end of each video, the piano plays the individual notes you sing. A great way to learn the notes well! 

  • Telephone Hour- piano accompaniment track
  • How Lovely to be a Woman - piano accompaniment
  • Happy Face - piano accompaniment track
  • Healthy Normal American Boy - piano accompaniment track
  • One Boy Piano Accompaniment
  • Honestly Sincere - piano accompaniment track
  • One Last Kiss - piano accompaniment track
  • What did I ever see in Him?- piano accompaniment track

  • Ice House Livin - piano accompaniment track
  • Rosie - piano accompaniment track

  • Links to all piano tracks for the Musical

    2018-19 Musical: WIZARD OF OZ!

    BRAVO! You were wonderful!

    2018-19 FBA Theater Club - Wizard of Oz

    2017-18 Year in Review and Peter Pan Slide Show!

    (Click thru to watch on Youtube.)

    2017-18 FBA Theater Club - Peter Pan

    Vocal Audition for Ryan

    Song for Ryan or Sharpay audition: What I've Been Looking For


    It’s hard to believe, that I couldn’t see

    you were always there beside me.

    Thought I was alone, with no one to hold

    But you were always there beside me.

    This feeling’s like no other.

    I want you to know.

    I’ve never had someone who knows me like you do, the way you do.

    I’ve never had someone as good for me as you, no one like you.

    So lonely before I finally found what I’ve been looking for.

    Audition Lines for Ryan:

    Is this some kind of sick joke? They didn't even audition! Someone's got to tell that new girl the rules. Rule Number One: Pick the right clique. Two: Act like your clique. Three: Dress for your clique. Four: Know where your clique clicks. And rule number five: Stick to the status quo! They're up to something! We need to save our show from people who don't know the difference between a Tony Award and Tony Hawk. Now come on!”

    “Everybody loves a good jazz square – It’s a classic. (To Sharpay) And why do we always have to do what you say? Somebody in this room ought to chill out, sister. And it ain’t me. We’ll get the roles we want, we always do. Sharpay, we’ve had the leads every year since birth. If we get it again, great. If not, we’ll still be fabulous.”


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