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Student Resources

This student page for Dallas Piano Academy families is where you'll find lots of helpful tools and games related to music learning!

On this page you'll find all kinds of things to help you between lessons. Have a suggestion for something you'd like to see added to this page? Let us know! 

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Chart of Major Scale Fingerings

Ear Training

These helpful ear training exercises are available for purchase from the Texas Music Teacher Association. Be sure to download the document on the page to help you as you practice these exercises! 

Texas Music Teacher Association Ear Training Practice

Computer Music Games

Everyone loves computer games, and computer music games are a great way to learn more about music. One of the most popular games or apps is Garage Band, where you can create your own music masterpieces! 

Music Appreciation

Texas Music Teacher's Association Online Music Appreciation is a free program for students to become more involved in their musical journey. There are twelve levels with topics selected especially for each grade level.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

Level 10

Level 11

Level 12


Studio Youtube Channel

Online Piano Student Flashcards

Select an exercise linked below, and keep going until you have 30 correct answers.  Then stop and look at how much time it took (there is a little clock at the top of the exercise): 
Expert = 30 correct in 1:00 or less - ready to test for the One Minute Club!
Skilled = 30 correct in 1:30
Advancing = 30 correct in 2:00
Improving = 30 correct in 2:30
Novice = 30 correct in 3:00 or more 
Be sure to hit "reset score" so score and timer are set at 0.
Level A:    A1   A2   A3   A4   A5   A6   A7   A8   A9   A10  
Level B:    B1   B2   B3   B4   B5   B6   B7   B8   B9   B10
Level C:    C1   C2   C3   C4   C5   C6   C7   C8   C9   C10
Level 1:    1-1   1-2   1-3   1-4   1-5   1-6   1-7   1-8   1-9   1-10    
Level 2:    2-1   2-2   2-3   2-4   2-5   2-6   2-7   2-8   2-9   2-10  
Level 3:    3-1   3-2   3-3   3-4   3-5   3-6   3-7   3-8   3-9   3-10  
Level 4:    4-1   4-2   4-3   4-4   4-5   4-6   4-7   4-8   4-9   4-10  
Level 5:    5-1   5-2   5-3   5-4   5-5   5-6   5-7   5-8   5-9   5-10
Level 6:    6-1   6-2   6-3   6-4   6-5   6-6   6-7   6-8   6-9   6-10  
Level 7 (Method Books completed):    7-1   7-2   7-3   7-4   7-5   7-6   7-7   7-8   7-9   7-10
Exercises shared by Dygert Piano School‏.

Theater Students

If you are a theater student, you'll find the information you are looking for at the Dallas Piano Academy Theater Student page

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