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February 2021 Newsletter

The February 2021 Newsletter of Dallas Piano Academy is full of interesting news about music history! 

Music history projects

Every year we spend a little time talking about composers from a different musical era, with a minute or two in lessons devoted to sharing facts the composers from that time period. This year we have been talking about the Classical Era, 1750-1810. Some important composers from that time period are Haydn, Clementi, and Mozart. The piano had also just been invented, so the instrument began to influence music that was being written.

Several students created their own visuals about the Classical period. Subjects includes composers, instruments, concerts and even dance! We wanted to share them with you in this newsletter. Check them out below! 

fun music Board Game

Orchestra Board Game

Who's up for a great board game? This one looks terrific! The object of the game is to get the musician and their instrument to the stage. Beautiful job by Piper! 

Music and Dance

This sweet student loves ballet and playing the piano! She created a beautiful, original dance to a classical piece of music! 

Piano Model

Piano Model Craft

The piano was a brand new instrument in the Classical Era! Check out this beautiful and shiny piano that Kit made! 

Organ model

Organ Model made out of clay

The organ was a popular instrument in the classical era too! This is an organ miniature made of clay by Grace! Fabulous! 

Concert poster

Classical Music Concert Poster

What a beautiful poster announcing opening night of Mozart's Marriage of Figaro by Calla! 

classical era newsletter spotlight

Franz Joseph haydn 1732-1809

Performer, Composer, Teacher. He was full of fun and very much loved by friends. He loved jokes! Enjoy watching a video of this favorite work - starting around the 4 minute mark you'll see why it is called the "Farewell Symphony." 

Haydn's Farewell Symphony on YouTube.
Franz Joseph Haydn

Muzio clementi 1752-1832

Muzio Clementi was a great performer, once being in a contest with Mozart to see who was the best...and it was a tie! He was also a composer, teacher, music publisher, piano manufacturer (he made improvements to it too!) and piano seller. He was a true music entrepreneur! His Sonatina in C is played by every serious music student at some point. 


Wolfgang amadeus mozart 1756-1791

A true child prodigy, Mozart composed his first pieces at age 5, was performing in a European tour by the age of 6, and wrote his first symphony at the age of 8. Considered one of the greatest composers of all time, he composed more than 600 works in his short life. 


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