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July 2021 Newsletter

The July 2021 Newsletter for Dallas Piano Academy is here! Read all about what we've been up to! 

update from the director

Lisa EmmickLisa Emmick

Hello! It’s Lisa Emmick here with an update!

I’ve had a lot of people ask me, Lisa, how is the studio doing? Is everything getting back to normal?

Last year, even though everything got shut down, our students continued with their piano lessons. During this time and in the months following, we also had many students begin lessons, looking for creative ways to spend their time at home. The innate connection to music is strong, and that has never been more evident than in the times we are currently experiencing. I’m not sure what Covid will bring in the near future, but I know that we’ll meet the challenges together, and find ways to continue to make music!

I’m now so excited to announce that we're currently at our highest enrollment ever! So, thank you for continuing your lessons! Thank you for referring your friends! Welcome to all of our new students! We’re also expecting a major influx of new students this August, and we are so thankful for your support!

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and our update!

Lisa Emmick, Director, Dallas Piano Academy


this newsletter's pet of the month

This month’s Pet of the Month for our July 2021 Newsletter is Winnie! Katherine, who is Winnie’s person, says that Winnie likes to sit on the piano bench next to her when she practices!


Cat"Winnie" - our Pet of the Month!

calendar of dallas piano academy

Mark your calendar for these upcoming holidays (no lessons on these days):

  • September 6 (Labor Day)
  • November 23 – 26 (Thanksgiving)
  • December 22 – January 1 (Christmas/New Years)

Check your next newsletter for future dates to add to your calendar. 

miss texas volunteer pageant

Earlier this month Mrs. Emmick served as a judge for the state competition for the Miss Teen Texas Volunteer Pageant! She has judged many pageants and performance competitions over the years, and was a local title holder in the Miss Texas (Miss America) Pageant system.

making the most of music study

By making it possible for your child to study a musical instrument, you are providing the opportunity for self-expression, creativity and achievement. Numerous studies indicate that parental attitude, support and involvement are important factors in a child’s ability to successfully learn to play and enjoy music. Like any skill, interest counts far more than talent. With the right support from you, playing music will become a natural part of your child’s life.


What To Do To give your child the best possible support, you should…

encourage your child to play for family and friends

offer compliments and encouragement regularly

expose your child to a wide variety of music

encourage your child to talk with you about his or her lessons

make sure your child’s instrument is always in good working order

allow your child to play many types of music, not just study pieces

listen to your child practice and acknowledge improvement

help your child build a personal music library

try to get your child to make a minimum commitment to his or her music studies

listen to music around the house or in the car with your child and discuss what you’re listening to… what does your child like/dislike about the song? Encouraging active listening like this not only fosters an appreciation for music but will teach your child to listen closely to what they’re playing which leads to improved musicality


What Not To Do To give your child the best possible support…

don’t use practice as punishment

don’t insist your child play for others when they don’t want to

don’t ridicule or make fun of mistakes or less than-perfect playing

don’t apologize to others if your child has a weak performance

don’t start your child on an instrument that’s in poor working order

don’t expect rapid progress at the beginning


If Your Child Loses Interest don’t panic. It’s normal for interest levels to vary! Instead…

discuss the situation with your child to determine why interest is declining

talk to your child’s music teacher to see what might be done to rekindle enthusiasm

encourage your child to stick with lessons for an agreed-to period of time

offer increased enthusiasm and support


We love sharing information like this in our monthly newsletter. This article is based on material developed by the American Music Conference, Music Educators National Conference, the Music Teachers National Association and the National Association of Music Merchants


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