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Studio Policy

Music Studio Policy

This studio policy has developed over several years. It is my goal that music study be an enriching, educational experience, and the following list of policies help the studio run smoothly, while at the same time it allows parents to know what to expect.

Enrollment and Schedule

♪ Enrollment

  • Students of all skill levels are welcomed year round, based on studio availability.
  • New students may reserve a lesson time upon receipt of enrollment fee and completed registration form.

♪ Studio Schedule

  • During the school year (September thru May), students have a fixed weekly lesson time that does not change.
  • Summer lessons (June, July and August) may be flexibly scheduled by appointment to accommodate summer camps and vacations.
  • Please refer to the studio calendar for a list of studio closures, holidays and group studio class opportunities.


♪ What Tuition Includes
Tuition for students in regular weekly attendance is a flat fee which includes:

  • Core music and curriculum
  • Reserved lesson time during the school year as per studio calendar
  • An individualized plan for each student’s course of study
  • Time spent in preparation for the student (lesson planning, ordering supplemental music, trips to music store, music shipping costs, research and development of curriculum and teaching materials specifically for your child, etc.)
  • Expenses that benefit all students such as group lesson supplies, enrichment items, theory materials, learning manipulatives, music lending library items, accompaniment CD’s and disks, etc.
  • Group studio classes
  • Recital, preparation and repertoire planning
  • Incentive programs and awards
  • Phone, email and personal consultations and progress reports
  • Professional development, training and experience
  • Studio memberships, licenses and fees
  • Studio development and research
  • Studio instruments for lessons
  • Studio Publications and Software
  • Bookkeeping and scheduling

Because tuition covers so much more than weekly lesson time spent with the student, no adjustments, refunds, or reductions in tuition will be made for extended absences, missed lessons, studio closures or vacations.

Tuition does NOT include sheet music, study books and other materials. These are billed as needed, with payment expected the following month.

The studio reserves the right to adjust tuition at the beginning of each academic year.
Tuition Payment Options
Tuition is due on the 1st of the month and is late after the 10th.
Tuition may be paid by cash or check. Payment may be brought to the first lesson of the month or mailed by the due date.
Please note that regardless of the number of lessons per month the payment will remain the same, unless additional lessons are requested. Regularly attending students will ordinarily have four lessons per month. Depending on how the calendar falls, in some months students may have 5 lessons, for which there is no additional charge. During holiday periods, studio closures and summer, there may be less than 4 lessons in a month and tuition has been calculated accordingly.

♪ Studio Enrollment Fee
Students should remit a studio enrollment fee annually to reserve their lesson time for the coming year. All enrollment fees are non-refundable and recognize our mutual commitment to a year of music study, and contribute towards expenses that benefit all students such as recital expenses, group lesson supplies, enrichment items, theory materials, music lending library items, accompaniment CD’s and disks, etc.
♪ Late Fees
A $20.00 late fee will be charged on the 11th. Returned checks for insufficient funds will be charged an additional $25.00. After a second occurrence, future payments must be made in cash.  If payment is not received by the last day of the month in which payment is due, lessons will be suspended.
Current Rates
For current rates, please contact Lisa Emmick.

Attendance Policy  

♪ Illness 

Let's all stay healthy! Students who are ill should not come to lessons and should be fever and symptom free for 24 hours. Students who arrive sick will not have a lesson that day to protect the health of other students, and parents will be contacted to return to pick them up.

♪ Missed Lessons

If a student is a "no show" for their lesson, their lesson time is forfeited. If a student arrives late, time missed at the start of a lesson will not be made up at the end of the lesson.

No payment credit will be provided for students who miss lessons for any reason, and a rescheduled lesson is not guaranteed.

♪ Rescheduled Lessons

Because the studio is run at full capacity, if a lesson is cancelled rescheduling is not always possible. Availability only occurs when another student has cancelled, leaving an open lesson time in the schedule.
In the case of an anticipated absence, parents should check the "schedule" page of the studio website to view current openings. If there is a suitable time available, simply email your request. Please note that the lesson is not rescheduled until the parent receives an email reply confirmation. Any lessons not rescheduled by the end of May will not carry over.

♪ Teacher Absence

If a scheduled lesson must be missed due to conflicts or illness on the part of the teacher, an alternate time will be scheduled. In some cases a substitute teacher may be provided.
♪ Inclement Weather

If either DISD or RISD cancels school or activities due to the weather, the studio will be closed as well. The lesson may be made up in the form of a studio class.

♪ Holidays

The studio closes during some, but not all holidays. Important dates will be posted on the studio calendar and found on the website. Holidays are already factored into the calendar year and tuition structure, therefore rescheduling is not necessary.
♪ Summer

For best results a student's musical education should continue throughout the entire year. Many students choose to take lessons all summer and greatly benefit from having extra time with their instrument when they don’t have school obligations.
Summer lessons are available by appointment between June and August. 
♪ Lessons at Home

Lesson time starts one minute after your teacher arrives. Students should be ready to play at their scheduled time. If the teacher arrives late due to traffic, the full lesson time will still be provided to the student. If a student gives notice that they will be late to the lesson, the teacher is only required to provide the lesson time that is left to that student. If a student is not home when the teacher arrives for the lesson, it will be considered a “no show” to which there is no rescheduling option.

Discontinuing Lessons
When a student enrolls, they are reserving their placement in the studio for the entire academic year.
Lessons may be terminated at any time, however thirty days written notice is required for students terminating lessons for any reason. Once notice is received, a final bill including final tuition payment and any outstanding fees for materials will be sent.

The Studio reserves the right to terminate lessons with any student for non-compliance with any of the stated lesson policies and requirements.

Student & Family Responsibilities

♪ At the Lesson
Students should arrive on time, well prepared with all necessary materials. All assigned music, books, materials and assignment notebook should be brought to each lesson. Any music books that we are currently using should be brought to the lesson, even if there is not an assignment in that particular book that week. It is very difficult to teach a student if their materials are not present! 

If something is happening at home or school that is affecting your child. Please err on the side of letting the teacher know so we can be sensitive to the needs of your child. A quick text on the way to the lesson can make all difference!
♪ Practice

Each student will learn and progress at their own ability, but establishing a special time set aside for practice, away from distractions, is highly recommended. Practice times will vary throughout the year depending on our goals and projects. Consistency and quality – not quantity – are most crucial when it comes to practicing, therefore certain amounts of minutes are not required. Instead students should plan to practice daily, with a minimum goal of 5 days of practice each week, to ensure good progress and be prepared for every lesson. Students become more motivated as they realize how much they can accomplish when practice becomes a habit, although parents should be aware that it is normal for a child to need “reminding” and help encourage this important activity.

All homework assignments will be recorded in an assignment notebook. Students should re-read the week's assignment as they prepare to practice each day and record their daily practice time in their assignment notebooks. Parents should check the student's assignment book weekly to follow up on completion of assignments and to assist with monitoring practice.
♪  Student Instruments

All students will need an instrument at home for daily practicing. For piano students, a tuned acoustic piano is recommended; students who begin on an electric keyboard should plan to acquire or rent an acoustic piano as soon as possible to make the best progress. If an electric keyboard/digital piano is used, it should have 88 weighted, graded action, touch sensitive keys plus pedals.

Your instrument is an investment and annual maintenance of the student's instrument should be planned - pianos should be tuned, with all keys and pedal functioning, and flutes should be serviced to insure that the mechanisms and pads are in proper working order. It is very difficult to practice, and can limit progress and even be harmful, on an instrument that will not play properly. The quality of the instrument can also directly affect the student’s enjoyment of playing.

Studio Info

♪ Recitals

Performing in a formal recital setting is an exciting opportunity for students to showcase their hard work and improvement over the year in the presence of their family and friends. Each spring students have the option of participating in a student recital. 

Studio Classes

There are occasional studio classes offered. These group lessons are a fun way to reinforce the concepts learned in private piano and flute lessons through performance, ensemble playing, various rhythm and music theory games or exercises, as well as instruction in music history and general music topics. Because of space limitations, and also to encourage peer interaction, these sessions are for students only. Because of their unique nature, there are no makeup lessons available for missing studio classes. 

♪ Drop Off/Pick Up

Please be prompt when dropping off and picking up students as waiting students cannot be supervised and there is no waiting room. If you arrive early, please wait outside in the car until it is time for your lesson.
Please be prompt about picking up students at the end of their as there may be another lesson starting or the teacher may need to leave immediately after the lesson.

Siblings not taking lessons and friends should not be present at lessons without prior teacher approval. Parents are welcome to observe, however, based on experience most students are more engaged in their lesson when their parents are not present. 

Please do not bring any food, candy or drinks with you to your lesson.
♪ Music Lending Library

In order to build and strengthen the student’s reading skills as well as expose the student to a wide variety of music, the studio has a music lending library. Students may check out books and CDs at their lesson to take home and enjoy. Books should be treated with care. Just like a public library book, if music is lost, stolen, or damaged, the student will be billed for the replacement cost of the book.
♪ Competitions, Festivals and Events

As a member of several professional music organizations, the studio is able to offer participation in various competitions, festivals and auditions. Any entry fees will be billed to the student if they choose to participate. Please tell your teacher if this is something you would be interested in pursuing.
♪ Music Theory
Music theory is typically included within the framework of what we are currently studying. For students who wish to dig deeper or take theory tests, dedicated music theory lessons are available.
♪ Photos and Videos

The studio embraces technology, which keeps lessons relevant to today’s students. Occasionally, photos or videos of students are taken during lessons and performances for use in lesson demonstrations, advertising materials and on studio managed web pages such as Facebook and YouTube, as well as the studio website.

Any material that is publicly shared highlights a student’s accomplishments, but if there is ever an image, video or mp3 that you wish to have removed or if you do not want your child’s image to be used at any time, please notify the studio in writing.
♪ Contact Info

Email – This is the best way to make contact. Emails received over the weekend will receive a reply on Monday morning. Email is used to send out studio communications.
Text – A good way to make quick contact to if you are running late to a lesson.
Phone –Please leave a message. The phone is not answered during studio teaching hours. Messages will be returned the next day.


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Lessons are available six days a week, and scheduled once a week. A registration fee is due annually.